Install WordPress Into cPanel

In these days internet growing with new users, for find information / solution. Also, another side Blogs/Websites are increasing to giving information.

install wordpress into cpanel

Now Back To the point, if you are the newbie to WordPress then you must have to read this post from starting to end.

So, what you will learn in this post?

  •    What is WordPress?
  •    Why WordPress?
  •    What required to install WordPress?
  •     How to install WordPress?

let’s start,

What is WordPress ?

WordPress is the Blogging platform. There are many blogging platforms are available online from them WordPress is a very popular free and paid Blogging platform, where you can make the blog as your choice.

Why WordPress?

WordPress has many features like no coding knowledge required to build blog or website, simple one click automatic installation in cPanel so, you can create your blog within 15 minutes at the lowest cost. After installing WordPress, it is easy to use for the newbie.

Basic requirement to install WordPress

WordPress is available free and paid. You can do anything in paid version. You will get Paid platform at the cheap price so, What is required to install WordPress?  For that, you have to need Hosting, Domain

  • Hosting

Hosting is where your blog data store, so you have to need hosting to run WordPress blog. Here are some cheap WordPress hosting websites which are cheap and suitable for (newbie) you.

  • Domain

Domain is unique name of your blogs / website, like this is

Choose domain name related to your website or what you want to make?

There are many best domain name providers where you find the appropriate domain of different extensions.

How to install WordPress (Into GoDaddy cPanel)

First, log in to your hosting control panel (its call as cPanel). Then go to Fantastico (Web Applications),

(in some hosting it is given as Softaculous) click WordPress icon as shown below.


I assume that you are installing WordPress first time, so you get like below. Next, click WordPress icon if not, then skip this step and see the next step.

Follow the step

(1) Application Browser as shown below

(2) Select domain which you already added in cPanel.

(3) Write directory name if you want otherwise leave it as it is.


Select Version> Language> select update (as your requirement) > Plugin > theme > Backup.


That will use to log in into WordPress admin panel. Select your username, password, email, website title, tagline.




Then click on Install you will get a new page after this, the process will take up to two minutes until don’t close the window.

install     You will get an email of installation with username, password and link of your WordPress administrative login panel. Login into your panel and experience it.

That’s it. if you need any help comment below.

Your Turn Share and smile 🙂

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