SEO Beginners Guide Must Have To Know


Everyone who use internet they all are use search engine to find websites. Search Engine is the best way for find websites. lets start from beginning, this SEO Beginners Guide is for both who are new or old can improve their basic knowledge of SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

Webmaster must have know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , SEO is the way to increase visibility of your website in Search Engine. If you do it properly then your blog or website get good rank in Search Engine Result.

Why Search Engine Optimization Required ?

If you want more visitors or customers to your website then your website need SEO. Search Engine Optimization is useful way to get targeted traffic for free on long term basis.

Ok, but one question arise in your mind, Can I do Search Engine Optimization myself?

Yes, of course you can do it, there are no rocket science behind it, anyone can do it. Only step by step guide required for it then anyone (even 13 years old) can do it.

So, This SEO Starter guide will help all. Now here,  I list some simple basic SEO Starter tips that you can do your self.

SEO Beginners Guide

I included 6 basic tips for starter which are as below, Read carefully and apply them !

1. Title ,Meta tag, Description

In this first tip i listed three basic parts which required for everyone who want their site in Search Engine result.

  • Title-Title of the page is most important part which attract visitors to website page. first step is use your keyword in title to improve SEO ranking about specific keyword.

Then, Meta tag is the another important part, there are many meta tag that you can use in your website. Some meta tags are as below.

  • Keywords – This meta tag call as meta keywords in this tag you should have to use targeted  keywords that you decided for rank in search engine.

This keywords not see to user directly, Search Engine use this keywords to determine about page, but this is not more important then Description meta tag.

  • Description The meta description is use to describe your website page, what is your website page about ?. Meta description is the more important than keywords. In this meta tag you have to describe what is your page relating .
  • Robots -This tags use for the search engine to tell that follow this page or not (as no follow) most of search engine consider this tag like, Google ,Yahoo, Bing etc.

Here is free meta tag generator

2. URL

URL is unique address of your website and article. The URL that is complex to read like


is difficult to understand to your users and Search Engine Bot,   means  no one can say that page is related about any category. so make it simple and short but, not too short


in this URL you can see that is welcome post and easy to read for users and search engine bots. so, search engine also understand easily. you have to use the targeted keywords in this URL also which is best for SEO.


Heading is the body tag that is use for the page to show page important, where you can use your second targeted keywords in this is,

  • <h1> : This tag is used at first that giving to first priority  to your keywords in header.
  • <h2>:This tag is used to giving second targeted keywords which is similar to your page
  • <h3>:This tag is at third position and is less effective than h1,h2 tags but still important for SEO.

Tip: Don’t use h4,h5 and more header if possible use only H1,H2,H3 headers in your post.

4.Images With ALT

Images is one of the best source that you can use in your post or page to describe any page in short. but, without considering SEO the images only help to user. Search Engine can’t read images so use ALT tag when you put images in your website or blog pages.

5. Generate Sitemap

Sitemap is Map of your site that search engine used to know what is in your site and which page in which category located. this is one of the fast factor use for indexing your site. yes every search engine love the sitemap. so make sitemap here is free sitemap generator link help you to generate your first map.

6.Update Content

Every search engine like best content without content no one can rank their site in Search Engine.When someone search particular keywords in search engine , Search Engine give the result which is regularly updated and have quality. yes, Quality content is king, only content is not useful. Quality of content is matter, Have you ever read? .

so, keep in mind Search engine give rank that site which is update frequently and content rich. Update your site daily if possible or update weekly is recommended to get better ranking in search engine.

Thank you for reading.

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